Our Staff

Kimberly Roes
Kimberly Roes
Kimberly is a resident of Eaton Rapids, and opened Top Notch Driving Academy, LLC in September 2005  She has volunteered in the Eaton Rapids School system since 1998, and supports youth athletics in Eaton Rapids. Providing a safe, enjoyable, and educational driving experience to the Teens of Eaton Rapids is her "Top Notch" mission. Kimberly teaches in the Top Notch classroom, and behind the wheel of the Top Notch PT Crusier training cars.

Stacey St John
Stacey St John
Stacey resides in Charlotte and works in the Eaton Rapids school system at Lockwood Elementary.

When school is out for the day, Stacey is either hopping into her Top Notch PT Crusier training car for behind the wheel training, or providing in-class instruction. For Stacey, it's school all day, and school all night. Stacey really enjoy's school!

Daniel Taylor

I am married with four grown children.  I have lived in the Onondaga area for the last 28 years.
I retired from the Postal Service in 2013 after 35 years of service.  The last 10 of those years I taught drivers safety and defensive driving to Postal Carriers.

I have been involved with driver’s education since 2001. I enjoy being in the car with the students for the hands on part of the training.  I believe a calm and positive atmosphere is important in a learning environment. I enjoy the outdoors, writing and playing my favorite role
of grandpa.

Stacie Barstow

Stacie Barstow is the newest member of the team. Stacie resides in Charlotte. She works at the Charlotte High School as part of the educational support staff for special education. She effectively provides academic assistance & helps strengthen life-long career building skills. She enjoys teaching both the classroom & behind the wheel instruction. She believes in in a calm, patient, safe environment that helps build skills with confidence.

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